mrge is the leading global platform for Commerce Advertising, connecting more than 5,500 publishers, 50,000 advertisers, and 100 networks in 160+ countries. In 2021, the company generated almost 3 billion tracked links for its publishers, resulting in upwards of € 2 billion additional e-commerce sales for its advertisers. Relevance is king: By merging smart tools, technologies, and formats, mrge brings campaign messages closer to content, creating value for publishers, advertisers and users alike. Originally founded as YK Group in 2021, mrge combines the strengths of three expert entities: digidip, focused on premium publishers with influential traffic; shopping24, providing product recommendation solutions; and Yieldkit, delivering high reach and performance. mrge is backed by the private equity investment group Waterland and managed by CFO Michael von Stern, CTO Nils Grabbert, and CCO Tobias Conrad.


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