Our two dedicated content tracks will be concentrated on learning from the past, maximising the opportunities of the present, and examining the future of all things performance & partnerships marketing.

Our laser focus on what matters, accompanied by our 20 year heritage of designing content for the breadth of the partnerships industry will come together to form an innovative melting pot of perspectives and approaches to educate, inform and inspire.


We craft sessions with the audience in mind, understanding that the many-faceted nature of the industry means that all perspectives must be represented and catered for. We promote a focus on retail and e-commerce that is vertically agnostic, from which attendees from any sector can glean insights of a practical nature to revitalise their program. 

Our core content tracks

Affiliate Marketing

A candid look at all modern affiliate marketing strategies; commerce advertising, performance PR, coupon and cashback, sub-networks, price comparison, lead generation, closed community, pay per call and CPA based search.

Influencer Marketing

With a focus on outcome-based influencer marketing, brands will learn how to structure deals with creators, find the perfect match and measure the performance of their creator marketing.

Performance Marketing

We’ll be covering all kinds of performance media strategies including paid search, paid social, retail media, connected TV and display, their role in the funnel and how they work alongside the other strategies we cover.

Partnership Marketing

With thousands of companies attending, expert speakers will cover the re-emergence of brand-to-brand partnerships with content that will inspire you to reach out to other brands during the show.

Session highlights from 2023

Building Trust with Content Commerce

From perfecting the art of finding who your customers are and what they are reading about, to establishing yourself as a trustworthy publisher and working authentically with brands, our panel truly left no topic out of the discussion at PI LIVE Miami, The panel provided strong thought leadership, including insights from Leilani Han, Executive Director of Commerce at Wirecutter, Marshall Nyman, Founder and CEO of NYMO & Co., Reid Webb, Commerce Manager at The Daily Beast, and Jessica Woodbury, Director, Commerce Partnerships at Buy Side from The Wall Street Journal. They explored essential topics within the commerce space, such as:
  • Using content commerce in addition to influencer marketing to ensure your customers trust you
  • How to channel authority in content for affiliate partnerships success
  • The rise of social media, content creators, live shopping, and affiliate links
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Size Doesn’t Matter: Why Bridging the Gap Between SMEs and the Affiliate Channel Can Equal Big Results

Entering the affiliate channel can be tricky for small businesses; it’s expensive, the tech is complicated, and you don’t want to sign up to a long fixed-term contract when you’re not sure where you’ll even be in six months time. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In the past few years, more and more initiatives have launched to help SMEs enter the affiliate world. In doing so, the affiliate channel is expanding its reach, and we could see SMEs become one of the industry’s hottest topics for 2023.
  • Why is it important for the affiliate sphere to broaden its horizons?
  • What are the benefits of SMEs running an affiliate program?
  • How can an affiliate network work with SMEs?
  • What initiatives already exist?
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Influencer Marketing: Certain Strategies for Uncertain Times

There’s no denying that these tough economic times also present challenges for marketers. But even the most challenging eras can present an opportunity for brands to strengthen their strategies through proven tactics and consistent performance. We’ve learned from past recessions that consumers don’t necessarily cut spending — but their purchasing habits change based on what’s important to them. So, how do you make your brand stand out? For marketers, this means keeping your brand top of mind and creating relevance through trusted voices: content creators. It’s more important than ever to craft sound influencer marketing strategies while achieving your performance goals. In this session you’ll learn:
  • How to implement strategic influencer marketing activities across the marketing funnel to increase conversions and sales
  • Why aligning your performance and brand teams can improve results and create efficiencies
  • How to build a foundation for your influencer and creator marketing practice that will strengthen your brand at any time
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