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CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) is the leading global affiliate marketing network, specializing in pay-for-performance programs that drive results for businesses around the world. The CJ Network helps to reach and connect with millions of online consumers every day by facilitating productive partnerships between advertisers and publishers. Drive more sales and expand your reach – experience the network effect with CJ.


Honey’s products help people shop smarter. Through an easy-to-use browser extension and growing list of tools, Honey’s more than 20M active members shop with confidence knowing they are getting the best deals when they shop online. When shoppers are confident in their buying decisions, it reduces comparison shopping and dramatically increases conversion rates for our partners.

Honey intelligently reaches hard to find audiences like millennial shoppers, then engages and re-engages them with targeted offers. By engaging with consumers along every touchpoint of the shopping journey, we’re changing the way people shop online and helping our partners turn shoppers into buyers. Get started with Honey today and be a part of the future of performance marketing.


Impact is the global leader in Partnership Automation and catalyst for the new Partnership Economy. Impact accelerates enterprise growth by scaling discovery, recruitment, onboarding, engagement and optimization of all types of partnerships. Impact’s Partnership CloudTM provides automation for the full partnership lifecycle; confident decision making and optimization through measurement and attribution; and protection from fraud.

Impact drives revenue growth for global enterprises such as Cabela’s, Fanatics, Getty Images, Lenovo, Levi’s, Techstyle and Ticketmaster. Founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2008, Impact has grown to over 500 employees and twelve offices, managing 50 billion in e-commerce sales and processing more than 2 billion in payments to partners this year across the United States, Europe and Asia. To learn more visit


Partnerize is the leader in partnership automation. The AI-powered Partnerize Partner Automation Platform delivers data-driven intelligence and industry-leading management tools that are essential for materially improving ROI from this fast-growing sales channel. The Partnerize Platform has won more than two dozen awards including Best Technology from the International Performance Marketing Awards. The world’s leading companies, including 63 top retailers, 11 international airlines, 9 of the largest telecoms, and more than 200 other global brands rely on Partnerize to drive and manage more than $6B in partner sales and $500M in partner payments every year.

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May 19 2020
Manhattan, NYC

Hyper-relevant to you

With an agenda curated by the experienced team at PerformanceIN and industry advisors, we promise bucket loads of advanced practical content across two theatres, new ideas and kindred spirits to meet.

With every session designed with retailers and advertisers in mind, you’ll find a balance of visionary thinking, future-gazing, best practice strategy and industry debate to keep your mind racing and notepad bulging.

Connections that count

We’ll bring together under one roof, the leading technologies, networks and publishers that can revitalise and help drive profitable performance marketing for your business.

Arrange meetings at the affiliate marketing conference via the event app and after a packed day of learning move on to our networking party, sharing cocktails, experiences and tips with new friends and clients.

Advanced brand-led content

Discover strategies that enable retailers to adopt performance marketing principles whilst keeping costs down and profits up.

Through a combination of techniques from technology integration and smart programme management, delegates will walk away with several strategies that can either be instantly adopted or integrated over time to optimize return on investment.


Fully integrated and bespoke partnership opportunities are available to help you achieve your specific brand objectives at PerformanceIN’s inaugural US affiliate marketing conference.

Why Partner

  • Your brand in front of industry-leading retailers
  • Grow your brand recognition and be a talking point with international partners 
  • Demonstrate your thought leadership and expertise

Reach out to the team for details:

Tickets go on sale soon!

Tickets for the US Performance Marketing Conference will be released soon!

Previous speakers at PI LIVE include:

Influence in New York City

Keen to maximise the return from your time out of the office? Secure a separate ticket for the first US edition of the Influencer Marketing Show taking place at the same venue the very next day.


New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street
New York, NY 10019
  • “PI LIVE is a high-caliber event and we’re excited for the launch of a North American, affiliate-specific event of this quality”
    Nicole Ron - VP Marketing and Business Systems | CJ Affiliate
    Nicole Ron - VP Marketing and Business Systems | CJ Affiliate
  • "PI LIVE has been one of the must-attend events in the performance marketing calendar in Europe and we are delighted that it is now arriving in New York City"
    Cristy Garcia, Director of Global Marketing Programs and PR | Impact
    Cristy Garcia, Director of Global Marketing Programs and PR | Impact
  • "It's exciting that PI LIVE, the gold standard in global performance marketing events, is coming to NYC in May. Jump at the opportunity to attend, you won’t be disappointed!"
    Jim Harriman, General Manager, North America | RevLifter
    Jim Harriman, General Manager, North America | RevLifter
  • "Rakuten Marketing is excited to support the launch of PI LIVE Advanced in North America. As a proud partner of PerformanceIN over the years, we are excited for marketers to experience this event in the US"
    Nicole Pace - VP of Marketing, North America | Rakuten Marketing
    Nicole Pace - VP of Marketing, North America | Rakuten Marketing
  • “PI LIVE has been an industry-leading event in London for years, and with American and global brands investing more heavily in e-commerce channels than ever before, a New York event is a fantastic opportunity for the community!”
    Jim Nichols, CMO | Partnerize
    Jim Nichols, CMO | Partnerize
  • “PI LIVE is a phenomenal event that we’ve been proud to sponsor in London over the last few years. The team is top-notch, the curriculum is cutting edge and the level of attendees will make the conference in New York a don't-miss event”
    Chris Arrequin - GM, SVP Revenue | Honey
    Chris Arrequin - GM, SVP Revenue | Honey
  • “The PerformanceIN team are experts in crafting the top affiliate marketing conferences in the UK & EU. The US market will benefit from the addition of the PI LIVE Advanced affiliate conference to our industry as a way to connect and learn about the future of our space.”
    Lissette Alvarez, Senior Director, Partner Development | Piggy
    Lissette Alvarez, Senior Director, Partner Development | Piggy
  • “We are delighted to be launching a fresh US performance marketing conference designed exclusively for e-commerce led Retailers - The rules of e-commerce continue to evolve within performance marketing, there is much to debate, learn and discuss!”
    Matthew Wood, CEO | PerformanceIN
    Matthew Wood, CEO | PerformanceIN

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