PerformanceIN Live, 24-25 October 2017

Measurable Marketing. Optimised.


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Bringing together the online community’s best and brightest, is working together towards the common goal of enhancing their performance marketing.

Enabling a network for both Advertisers and Publishers, TradeTracker hosts a platform offering real-time, understandable and most of all transparent data, to strengthen their client’s ability to make the right performance marketing decisions. Through a specialized accounts team who concentrate in overseeing their own specific industry, TradeTracker ensure a tailored and precise approach to the fields of Services, Travel, Telecom, Shopping and Finance.

Features include:

  • Intuitive Interface- It’s an understandable and clear dashboard that greets you every time you login, making interpreting data and formulating campaign tactics an easy task.

  • Conversion Path Tracking- Understand how customers navigate in the lead-up to a conversion, so that you can optimize their journey across affiliates to produce positive results.

  • AdMonitor- In order to protect your brand, TradeTracker has developed a tool which monitors the use of your brand across search channels and detects brand abuse in search ads.

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