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Luca Senatore

Luca Senatore

Agency Director, Genie Goals

Five years ago Genie Goals was an agency with a single client and a revolutionary but unknown propitiatory technology. Fast forward to today, and Genie Goals has been named by Google as the most innovative agency in EMEA for Google Shopping in 2017, and in the top three for paid search and growing businesses online after work with brands such as Calvin Klein, Amara, Karl Lagerfeld, Mamas & Papas and many other great retail brands.

Luca Senatore led Genie throughout this time where growth and activity has been relentless. Italian born and driven by a deep passion for great digital marketing for retail clients, Luca is known outside of Genie for his high-energy and action-packed speaking style. He has shared insights on how to truly produce revolutionary results through digital marketing at events such as Web Summit, PMI, Figaro Digital and many more. In his spare time, Luca is a family man, MMA semi-professional, psychological performance consultant and founder of a new martial arts gym

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