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Jelle Oksam

Jelle Oksam

Global Affiliate Strategy (interim), adidas

In 2015, Jelle Oskam was brought in by adidas’ affiliate team to restructure their US affiliate program. He analyzed the state of the program and changed the focus to incremental sales, resulting in cost savings of more than 50%, while continuing to increase revenue. This new approach is now adidas’ global strategy and in close cooperation with the local affiliate managers at adidas Jelle is now rolling out this strategy to the rest of the world. Part of this strategy is the implementation of adidas’ in-house developed attribution tool for affiliates called Odyssey, which gives a suggested commission for each affiliate based on its contribution to the complete customer journey as well as its interaction with other channels.

Besides Jelle’s work for adidas, he is the CEO and founder of Nubis, a full-service digital marketing agency and Nubis Academy, an educational and training resource for online marketing professionals. Both companies are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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