The Influencer Marketing Show 2018

The Influencer Marketing Show educates brands, enabling them to make smarter decisions on their influencer marketing campaigns.

Brands that attended in 2017

Benefits of attending

Learn from and speak to global experts within the industry and hear real-life case studies on the topics that affect your brand. A dedicated case study theatre will educate and inspire, giving you plenty to take away and implement when back in the office – whilst giving delegates the opportunity to meet and network with innovative tech platforms and agencies, providing you with valuable long term contacts.

Case studies

There is a multitude of unanswered questions within the influencer marketing industry which will be answered within our dedicated case study theatre; from the benchmarking of influencers and campaigns, fraud and compliance, to essential steps for effective and objective-hitting campaigns – these are just some of the areas covered.

Liberating the Creative Voice

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Under Armour HOVR Campaign

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TRIBE x Bacardi - Mojito Moments Ads

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Influencer Marketing for Storytelling, with Lufthansa

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How a Train Company Achieved 25x ROI Utilizing Influencers

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A Home for Creators.
A Hub for Brands.

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Onalytica Client Case Studies

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Songs of Change

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Starbucks Case Study

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How to Analyze Any Instagram Account for Fake Followers and Likes

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Co-location and why it works

The Influencer Marketing Show is co-located with PI LIVE, the home of measurable and ROI-driven marketing. This is now a premise of influencer marketing as the channel becomes aligned in the mainstream; digital professionals and international brands are conscious to ensure their marketing campaigns are performance-based and measurable, and cohesive with their wider marketing strategy performance.



T: @scrunch / W:

Scrunch is a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media Influencers.

Scrunch has one of the world's largest Influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of data points. The platform makes it easy to get the data you need about your Influencers, plus has some awesome CRM and outreach style functions to make managing your campaigns easy.


T: @tribe / W:

TRIBE is the world’s fastest-growing influencer marketplace, connecting global brands with 35,000+ micro-influencers to create premium on-demand content at a fraction of the cost.

The power of TRIBE is undeniable - unlocking the world’s creativity to generate real recommendations, beautiful content and genuine word-of-mouth marketing at scale.


T: @whalar / W:

Whalar is 'Liberating the Creative Voice' by providing a new operating model for brands to access high-quality creative work and engaged audiences. We are the only Influencer Marketing Platform that is a Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat approved partner.

The quality of creative and scalability of our approach is always what blows people away so please see it for yourself by checking out


Billion Dollar Boy

T: @BlnDollarBoy / W:

Welcome to Billion Dollar Boy

We are an independent Influencer Marketing Agency founded in 2014.

Based in London and New York, our specialists use industry knowledge and proprietary technology to create, manage and track targeted campaigns for aspirational brands.

We provide our clients with three distinct Influencer-related services, all underpinned by our proprietary technology.

  1. influencer campaigns
  2. Paid media boosting
  3. Content House
Deep Social


Deep Social provides you with Audience Data Insights of any Instagram Influencer.

You can now see any influencers audience demographics such as:

Gender Age groups Ethnicity Geography (countries, cities and states for the US) languages spoken and psychographics such as interest groups, brand affinities and much more. We’re currently providing clients from around the world with the demographic and psychographic data based off 43,388,760 Instagram Influencers and gathering data and insights from over 1,766,983,649 Instagram profile accounts. We’ve done the hard work for you and analysed billions of likes, comments, photos, bios, captions and geotags… meaning you can finally see exactly who you’re reaching.

And unlike any other analytics platform, we offer you the most accurate data because we only measure the ‘active’ audience to help combat fraud/bots.


T: @teamghostlamp / W:

Ghostlamp provides agencies and brands with an efficient platform to launch influencer marketing campaigns, engaging real people through millions of registered influencers worldwide.

The Ghostlamp platform automates the process of finding, contracting and paying influencers giving you the power to start a movement in minutes.

On Ghostlamp you purchase real impact for your brand measured in EPIC, not a number of influencers or pieces of content. EPIC is a unified engagement metric for all social channels. We guarantee the EPIC impact you purchase.


T: @hypeauditor / W:

In-depth Instagram Analytics tool, based on an advanced AI solution with fraud detection system included. Checks the audience quality and engagement authenticity of any Instagram influencer. HypeAuditor provides all the information needed to predict the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign.

With our advertiser’s dashboard, brands and agencies can organize a list of bloggers and download their full stats. Influencer marketing platforms can use HypeAuditor’s API to augment their analytics and provide detailed analytics of audience and engagement including most advanced fraud detection for their customers.

Our algorithm was made by data scientists to provide in-depth audience insights. We gather raw data from different sources, depersonalize it and clusterize it. Then, AI uses machine learning to identify suspicious accounts and determine geo, gender, age, and interests of an influencer’s audience.

With HypeAuditor you can find: Fake followers, likes, and comments, and choose only authentic influencers for collaborations. Audience geographic data: countries, cities, and states for the US, languages, and genders to find bloggers with your target audience. Followers Reachability and Authenticity to ensure that your advertisement will be seen by your target audience. Engagement Rate and Engagement Authenticity to ensure that a blogger has an active audience. HypeAuditor can also check if a blogger participates in comments pods.

HypeAuditor is the only influencer marketing tool that has blogger ranking based on their audience quality and authentic engagement. You can discover influencers with high-quality audience in any country or within any content theme.


T: @indaHash / W:

indaHash is an international technology platform that automates content marketing campaigns with digital influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

It was launched at the beginning of 2016. Since then, the platform has been used to execute over 1600 campaigns in EU, MENA, USA, South Africa, APAC (in total, over 80 markets) for brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, P&G, or L’Oreal. The app has over 800,000 registered digital influencers.


T: @influencer_DB / W:

InfluencerDB is on a mission to make influencer marketing simple, transparent and data-driven so that brands can harness the power of digital influencers. Our customers come to us for everything from data-driven software solutions to industry-leading insights to professional education and development. We have aggregated data on nearly 1.6 million influencers from around the world, and we analyze over 50 million Instagram posts per month to establish these influencers’ reach and effectiveness. We are Europe’s leading influencer marketing platform, working with brands such as H&M, Asics, Cluse and Lufthansa.





T: @Intermarketing / W:

We specialise in affiliate marketing and brand partnerships. We are appearing at PI Live in partnership with Pulsar to launch our services in social influencer marketing.

We bring brands together from across the world in partnership marketing. Delivering performance based results measured by new customers, retention and data acquisition. Making it happen.

We are looking for brands to promote on our clients’ loyalty rewards platforms (e.g. PureGym, LGBT press and RugbyAM TV – and many others). Brand partners in fashion, health & beauty, entertainment, sports & fitness, food & drink, mobile and utilities are a primary focus.

Please book an appointment or drop by our stand on the 1st floor (opposite the stairs) to find out more

Mikz Alliance

T: @MikzAlliance / W:

MIkz Alliance is a complete management platform that scales Influencer marketing.

It allows agencies & brands to set up, run and measure successful influencer campaigns from briefing, budgeting and influencer selection through to payments and reporting.

For influencer agencies & networks it gets their social media influencers on front of the brands and agencies who are orchestrating the campaigns with easy to use filtering and search functions along with rating and budgeting tools. It makes it easier for brands and advertising agencies to find influencers, nationally and internationally, learn more about their interests and strengths, quote, hire, brief and pay.

Mikz Alliance offers true and accurate audience data, provides projected reach and engagement to clients for proposed campaigns and allows real-time measurement for ongoing campaigns.

Mikz Alliance is a complete toolkit for influencer agencies & networks, influencers, micro-influencers, brands and agencies involved in influencer marketing.


T: @MumsnetTowers / W:

Mumsnet's aim is to make parents' lives easier. We are a large and trusted platform for parents, and one of the top ten social networks in the UK (Hitwise 2017). Over 8 million parents come to the site each month for support, advice, entertainment and recommendations.

Our Influencers Network is home to over 10,000 bloggers, vloggers and social influencers. Our influencers work across Mumsnet and other social platforms as well as our sister site Gransnet (with an engaged audience of over-50s) to drive brand awareness, positive brand sentiment, support social and content strategies and drive sales.

Mumsnet offers a range of solutions to help you understand and engage with parents, including: market research; product and service testing; social and content marketing, including e-commerce; video production; advertising; and events.


T: @Onalytica / W:

Onalytica provide an end-to-end Influencer Marketing solution with a platform focused on Influencer Discovery, Relationship Management and Insights & Measurement Reporting. We also offer supporting Professional Services with a dedicated Customer Success team and Insights & Analytics team who help implement influencer programs and consult on best practice including Engagement, Communication Workflow and Measurement reporting models. We also deliver influencer insights reporting as well as wider social media insights across the whole market if required.

Our clients are predominantly based in EMEA and North America and we work with the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Amazon, Accenture, British Airways, VMware, Oracle, Schneider Electric, MasterCard, Salesforce, WEF, P&G, Canon, leading agencies such as Edelman, Ketchum, Golin, WE Communications, TopRank Marketing, Headland (UK) and OST Marketing (UK), charities such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Marie Curie & RSPB.

We have a 6 step process to help brands and agencies leverage influencers for a number of use cases such as driving brand awareness or thought leadership, improving brand reputation and increasing lead generation.


T: @scrunch / W:

Scrunch is a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media Influencers.

Scrunch has one of the world's largest Influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of data points. The platform makes it easy to get the data you need about your Influencers, plus has some awesome CRM and outreach style functions to make managing your campaigns easy.

Shopping Links

T: @shopping_links / W:

Shopping Links is a network and technology solution that makes it easier for retail brands to reach new audiences, track conversion, and increase revenues through relationships with influencers.

Our marketplace enables brands to identify and engage the right creators using detailed demographic and reach data, then track their results to see the real-time ROI by individual blogger. As the leading and most transparent global network for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands, we have managed in excess of 1500 collaborations since launching in 2014.

We actively manage collaborations and relationships for a range of leading brands, with a laser focus on aligning brands with influencers who share a brand’s target audience and then optimise the activity based on performance. Through our placement options, we make it easier for your brand or agency to work with the right profiles, blogs and those social media accounts more likely to convert into traffic and sales via gifting, CPA and flat fee payments.

Our personal knowledge of our network, which now includes 15,000+ individually approved influencers from 117 countries, allows us to make recommendations that lead to real results and a strong ROI.

Social Circle

T: @socialcirclehq / W:

We're Social Circle and we use our self-service Platform and Managed Service to deliver effective influencer marketing campaigns for brands, while always keeping influencers at our heart.

Social Circle simplifies influencer marketing, allowing brands and agencies of any size to identify and evaluate the most relevant influencer partner for their campaign. Use our FREE Platform to quickly identify the perfect talent from our database of 10,000+ manually verified influencers - from big name social stars to up-and-coming micro-influencers – then track campaign progress over time.

Our unique Value Calculator measures weighted engagements so you can easily determine which influencers will deliver the most engagement for your budget.

Alternatively, if you’d rather focus on the big picture, leaving the detail to someone else, or just prefer the human touch, then perhaps our Managed Service is for you. A trusted specialist will work closely with you to run your campaigns from start to finish. We also look at your entire budget as a whole, and help you make the best decisions on allocation, so you can get the biggest impact for your spend.

Whatever you want to achieve from Influencer Marketing, whatever your level of knowledge or budget, however you like to work, Social Circle can help.



Tailify is a full-service data driven partner for Influencer Marketing, with an award winning end-to-end platform. We are the preferred influencer partner for the world’s most discerning brands and agencies, with offices in 4 countries and 5+ years experience of launching successful influencer campaigns at scale.


T: @whalar / W:

Whalar is 'Liberating the Creative Voice' by providing a new operating model for brands to access high-quality creative work and engaged audiences. We are the only Influencer Marketing Platform that is a Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat approved partner.

The quality of creative and scalability of our approach is always what blows people away so please see it for yourself by checking out



Zorka.Mobi is a creative mobile performance agency. We offer a full range of mobile marketing services – from strategy development to its execution with tools like Influencer Marketing, CPI/CPA media buying, ASO, Apple Search Ads and remarketing campaigns.

Agency cooperates with globally-known developers and agencies such as Plarium, Pixonic, Game Insight, Youzu Interactive, NetEase, Pocket Gems, Gameloft, Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, Vivaki, OMD Resolution and others.

Visit our Facebook page:

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T: @TakumiHQ / W:

Instagram has become the leading platform for creativity and influence. TAKUMI has focused solely on Instagram since 2015, giving us unparalleled insights and knowledge from working with the world’s most demanding brands and talented creators.

Our managed service and proprietary platform enables us to achieve better results in a shorter time than competing solutions.

Media Partners

Digital Agency Network (DAN)

T: @danglobal / W:

Digital Agency Network (DAN) focuses on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, business support and exploration. DAN is a global network of carefully selected, highly talented, independently operated marketing & advertising agencies with digital DNA. DAN’s mission is to support member agencies’ businesses and enhance the intelligence, expertise, reach and effectiveness of the members through knowledge sharing and collaboration. Today, there are more than 500 DAN member agencies operating in 57 cities worldwide. All member agencies are amongst the market leaders in their respective countries in terms of creativity, with an impressive portfolio of campaigns and awards.

Digital Doughnut

T: @Digitaldoughnut / W:

Digital Doughnut is the world largest Digital Marketing community with over 1.5 million members globally. Our website is a portal jam-packed with useful information for marketers and business leaders, brought together through content, networking and events. Marketers of all levels will find insight, inspiration and intelligence.

Owain Williams

T: @ojawilliams / W:

Owain Williams is an influencer marketing consultant and blogger.

The site is home to thought-provoking, insider content on the key issues, hot topics and most exciting news in the digital and influencer marketing space. The site also hosts all details on how you can collaborate with Owain in the influencer marketing space.


T: @performancein / W:

We connect and engage with our community whilst facilitating industry debate, education and rewarding innovation, success and best practice.

PerformanceIN is the leading global performance marketing publication, shedding light on the most important matters around the measurable side of marketing.

Scott Guthrie

T: @sabguthrie / W:

Scott Guthrie is a former management consultant and Ketchum digital director - influencer relations. Today he works with brands, agencies and platforms to generate meaningful results from smarter influencer marketing decisions.

Scott offers best practice advice and implementation across the entire influencer marketing workflow.

His influencer marketing thoughts and commentary have been featured in PR Week, Influence magazine, PR Moment and CityAM publications as well as on the websites of leading industry companies including Vuelio, Traackr, Ketchum and CampaignDeus.

Read his industry analysis, insight and best practice guides at - a top 10 PR blog.

Talking Influence

T: @talkinfluence / W:

Talking Influence is a digital marketplace that brings you the latest news, strategy, case studies and opinion for the influencer marketing ecosystem.

Supporting the industry, Talking Influence will aim to challenge readers while helping the progression of influencer marketing; disconcerting brands and influencers alike wanting to be educated and inspired while enabling them to make smarter decisions on their influencer marketing campaigns.

The Content Marketing Association (CMA)

T: @the_cma / W:

The Content Marketing Association (CMA) is the industry association for marketing, publishing, advertising and social agencies.

The overarching aim of The Content Marketing Association is to promote the use of content as an effective marketing tool to client marketers and showcase the channels it can be used for.

The Influencer Marketeter

T: @taugenthaler / W:

551 Media strives to leverage the power of influencers to grow your business. Methods include Influencer engagement, onboarding and training of your marketing team, employee amplification (empowering your employees to become influencers to evangelize your company), amplification of your content marketing and boosting your thought leadership visibility. We also offer training programs for small businesses.

We are Social Media


We are Social Media is the leading independent source of digital marketing news and insights, covering social media marketing, the connected lifestyle, and a lot in between. Over the years, WeRSM has become a valuable resource that thousands of top agency and brand professionals trust to stay up-to-date on a daily basis.


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