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W: kindred.co

Kindred is the new marketplace that allows people to do good as they go about their daily lives. It’s a new platform that is responding to the increasing calls from consumers who want to do better. With the power of a global community, Kindred allows users to share what they love with genuine recommendations and give their followers and friends significant savings on some of the world’s top brands and local stores. The best bit is, that as people accept advocates recommendations, a substantial percentage of that sale goes to a charity of their choice as well as generate funds.


T: @taggermedia / W: taggermedia.com

Tagger is an integrated Influencer Marketing solution platform that allows brands, agencies, and media companies to maximize their influencer strategies throughout the planning, discovery, activation, and reporting phases.


T: @whalar / W: whalar.com

Whalar is 'Liberating the Creative Voice' by providing a new operating model for brands to access high-quality creative work and engaged audiences. We are the only Influencer Marketing Platform that is a Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat approved partner.

The quality of creative and scalability of our approach is always what blows people away so please see it for yourself by checking out whalar.com.



T: @hypeauditor / W: hypeauditor.com

HypeAuditor is an AI-powered Instagram analytics tool that helps to get insights about the creator’s audience, increase advertisers’ ROI and safeguard authenticity in influencer marketing. It sets a standard for Instagram analytics by providing the most accurate data.

HypeAuditor applies machine learning to determine behavioral patterns and identify fake followers and engagement on influencer accounts. It presents users with a breakdown of demographic data for an influencer’s audience and brings benchmarks for each metric for influencers with a similar number of followers.


W: inkwave.co

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W: wearemin.co

MIN is a purpose-led, full-service marketing agency that helps brands access the global Muslim Market of 2 billion. The global halal market is now worth at least $3 trillion, across industries like modest fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, cosmetics, media and more.

Through our services like Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Branding and Social Media Strategy, we help brands recognize the importance of the Muslim market and succeed in it.

Mikz Alliance

T: @MikzAlliance / W: mikzalliance.com

Mikz Alliance is about making influencer marketing more easy. We developed the world’s first influencer marketing global booking engine and founded an alliance ( between influencer agencies, media buyers, PR companies, brands, etc). Our global booking engine routes search results and incoming requests to the member platforms where influencers are registered – basically like a search engine. On top of the core connectivity, members get a full-fledge IT platform that allows you to free up smart brains and work more efficiently in your role as an agency, and you can add self-service to your platform if you like.

As platform is pre-connected into the Mikz Alliance global booking engine, you can also reach out and collaborate with other members across industries and markets


T: @traackr / W: traackr.com

Traackr is an influencer marketing platform for global influencer strategies, which enables influencer discovery, vetting, management and measurement of influencer programs. The platform gives marketing teams the ability to make strategic influencer marketing decisions with unparalleled access to global data, market performance benchmarks and competitive insights. Traackr powers influencer marketing for beloved global brands, including L’Oreal, Microsoft, Samsung, USAA, Merck, Roche and Capital One. Headquartered in San Francisco, Traackr has offices in New York, Boston, London and Paris.

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W: creatoriq.com

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Shopping Links

T: @shopping_links / W: shoppinglinks.com

Shopping Links helps brands reach new audiences, track conversion, and increase revenues through relationships with influencers and content creators.

As the leading and most transparent global network for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands, we have managed in excess of 1500 collaborations since launching in 2014.

Through our placement options, we make it easier for your advertisers to work with the right profiles, blogs and those social media accounts more likely to convert into traffic and sales via gifting, CPA and flat fee payments. Our personal knowledge of our network, which now includes 18,000+ individually approved influential content creators from 117 countries, allows us to make recommendations that lead to real results and a strong ROI.


T: @TakumiHQ / W: takumi.com

Takumi is a leading Instagram influencer marketing service that works with global brands to deliver impactful campaigns using the top influencers on Instagram. Takumi has over 4,000 of the highest quality, authentic creative talent on its books, falling in both micro and macro categories, and is trusted to manage influencer relationships. Launched in 2015, Takumi is made up of creative individuals from all over the world and has offices in London, Berlin and New York.

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The Influence Marketeter

W: theinfluencemarketer.com

Founded by Tom Augenthaler, The Influence Marketer is a premier resource for corporate marketers, agencies and businessowners to learn and use influencer marketing as a strategy that drives awareness and demand gen.

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