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We've prewritten an email for you to send your boss with an overview of the show and reasons you need to be there. Do give it a read and make sure it fits your business before sending 😉

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I see the 2018 Influencer Marketing Show as a cost effective and incredibly beneficial opportunity to hear from industry experts, network with the key people in the industry and meet exhibitors who are able to ensure the maximum returns on our marketing campaigns. This event has been put on specifically for brands like us and I feel offers a lot of value. It is the event to attend this year if you’re involved in influencer marketing and content creation.

The event runs alongside PI LIVE and this event is the global event for affiliate and performance marketing and will undoubtedly also offer a wealth of benefits when it comes to our digital marketing strategy.

Whilst at the show my aim will be to ensure we are currently getting the most out of our influencer campaigns, kept abreast of upcoming trends and have my questions answered by experts in the industry. The agenda covers all of our queries and current concerns and is going to be held in a case study format which I feel will give great examples to take away and implement.

Cost wise, the most cost effective ticket price is currently £400 which is an amazing deal. The event does have a range of ticket offerings however which I’d like to discuss with you. I will keep travel costs down to a minimum so all in all a very cost effective few days.

There are over 25 educational keynotes and discussions that will enable me to take back to the office covering my area of expertise and thus help improve the performance, ROI and ROO of the influencer and content creation campaigns we are running.

I’m keen to secure sign-off as it will not only be significantly cheaper but I'll be able to advise people in advance that I will be attending the event and that I'd like to meet to discuss key things on the company's marketing agenda.

My time at the show will also enable me to discover what our competition are doing and hear trends from industry leaders within our field.

I’m very confident that I’ll be able to provide a ROI from attending within days of my return to the office and the training at the show will enable me to progress within my role.

We can pay by credit card online or be invoiced.

I'd like to be able to get back to Chris today and get this booked into my diary asap.

Kind regards,

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