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Day Two – 16 October



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Influencer Marketing Success Stories for Every Stage in the Marketing Funnel

While influencer marketing gets a lot of hype, savvy brands have figured out how to successfully apply influencer marketing tactics to mature marketing strategies. We'll review content collaborations from brands such as ASICS, CLUSE and Global Savings Group that reach down the marketing funnel from the awareness to decision-making to delight stages. We'll discuss how these brands created processes to build successful, long-lasting relationships with influencers, and what marketing metrics they use to prove this success.


Get Rid of Short-Term Thinking, Leverage Influencers, And Position Your Brand For The Next Decade

Influencer Marketing is a strategy of principles rather than tactics, and when properly employed yields incredible ROI. These principles are simple yet critical for long-term success:

1: Weave influencer marketing into your overall brand strategy 2: Determine your metrics and mark your milestones 3: Know who you are leveraging and what you can expect 4: Relationships are Aladdin's Lamp 5: Strive for a solid value exchange.


Will Increased Influencer Marketing Transparency, Authenticity & Compliance Kill Or Cure the Discipline?

Moderated by Scott Guthrie

Join Scott Guthrie as he moderates a lively discussion on transparency and keeping on the right side of the law when partnering with influencers, affiliates and media owners with paid for content. Is #ad #sp sufficient?

Expect questions on fraud, image manipulation, CGI influencers and more and whether compliance will stifle creativity and innovation in our exciting embryonic channel.


Brand Accountability: Tapping into the Conscious Consumer

Brand accountability, diversity, social awareness and responsibility are no longer trends, they are minimum requirements for brands. According to a report by Fuse, 85% of Gen Z believe companies have an obligation to help solve social problems. So, how do you show audiences you’re a brand with a conscience? We’ll take a look at recent influencer campaigns by La Mer and River Island to learn how they’ve tapped into hyper-engaged audiences from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and values, whilst inviting the consumer to be part of the movement.


Maximizing FMCG Awareness With Micro Influencers & Influencer Campaigns For The Greater Good

In this talk Jón Bragi, Ghostlamp's founder & CEO will talk about influencer campaigns in the FMCG industry and share with you inspiring cases from Brazil to Saudi Arabia.


You Are The Creative Agency

This interactive session: "You are the creative agency”, will see TRIBE Founder Jules Lund turn the audience into a creative agency. In his inimitable and entertaining style, Jules will delve into a vision where consumers will be able to supply the creative for multi-channel brand campaigns by simply pulling their devices from their pockets – and with the help of our audience, he will show how this can happen.

He will also reveal why this is set to transform the advertising industry in less than a decade, partly driven by the ascension of millennials to the c-suite.


Executing a Data-Driven Approach to Influencer Marketing

Like every other marketing channel, Influencer Marketing strategy should be driven by data and ROI metrics, however, we find that this is often not the case. As the influencer marketing space has matured, data has become available to marketers and there are tools and expertise available to develop data-driven strategies and insights both before engaging an influencer and to measure the success of campaigns.

Danielle will lay out the benefits of a data-driven approach to influencer marketing, provide a framework for structuring a campaign and selecting the right influencers based on their audience and provide tips on optimizing campaigns.


How To Do Influencer Marketing Right.

9/10 brands say that you can’t really measure the ROI of an influencer marketing campaign. They are wrong, and Tailify will show you why. By leveraging the experience and data from having run, and more importantly - measured, more than 2,500 campaigns, Tailify will go through step by step on how you can achieve, measure and prove tangible influencer ROI.


Achieving Business Success on Snapchat

Sam Bevan, Snapchat’s Global Online Sales EMEA Lead, explains how businesses of all sizes can meet their advertising goals on Snapchat. Learn more about the platform, audience, and ad products that make Snapchat a unique and effective place to grow your business.


Amplifying Brand Alongside Culture: How to make your brand famous by building a platform that influences culture

Four years ago KA drinks, a division of AG Barr, together with the team at Disrupt and GRM Daily, created the UK’s first-ever platform to celebrate the Grime music scene called the Rated Awards. The platform has quickly become one of the most widely recognised, respected and influential brands in youth culture and this session will showcase this powerful influencer story from strategic concept to mainstream success.


#bad: Influencer Fraud

Influencer marketing is here to stay, entire industries are getting transformed and companies are built from scratch on social media alone. However, as companies invest more they expect more, including assurances that impressions and engagements are real. The follower count is frequently used to calculate rewards, but this is a crude metric to assess the output of an Instagram influencer campaign. Solberg Audunsson, CEO of Takumi, breaks down what is behind the follower count, how to think about and tackle fraud and what tools are available to advertisers today to reduce waste at various points in the pipeline.


Content Could be Your Competitive Advantage: Here's how to extract more value from your influencer marketing spend

Influencer marketing is no longer an experimental ad spend: it's now a must have strategy for brands looking to tap in to the power of authentic, user-driven content. But despite the wealth of content influencers are creating for brands, research shows that 90% of this content is not being leveraged by these brands. At Shopping Links we have worked closely with UK Based Marks & Spencer to AB test influencer content against inhouse created assets to measure the true value. Brands can't afford to be letting valuable, engaging content go to waste! This presentation will discuss how brands can make the most of their influencer content to maximise the ROI from their influencer spend. Drawing on case studies from Marks & Spencer, we'll show the power influencer content has to convert, not just new customers, but existing customers. We'll also discuss the impact that long-term influencer relationships have on the ability for influencer content to drive real conversion and lasting brand loyalty.


Creative Utopia

In this panel, we will explore the evolving role of influencers as creative producers and directors. In a world with more communication channels than ever before, we look at how influencers are bridging the gap between creative agencies and brand's needs for personalized and locally relevant work. Emma will be joined on stage by 3 of Whalar's most coveted influencers.

Key Takeaways - Enter the world of 3 of Whalar's influencers; style, aesthetic, process and workflow - Best practices and things to avoid when working with influencers as creative producers and art directors - How to best communicate with influencers and build a brief that works - What 'Utopia' looks like, the future of creative collaboration and production


How to Drive Sales Through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has already proven itself as a successful channel for brand awareness and brands are clamouring to access influencers' trusted, authentic audiences. But for most brands the ultimate goal is to drive sales. Whether you're looking to work with Instagrammers and vloggers to amplify an existing e-commerce campaign or seeking features to support key points in your sales calendar, Mumsnet's Head of Influencer Marketing will be sharing their tried and tested formula to ensure ROI and successfully drive sales via influencer marketing.

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