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Day One – 15 October



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Achieving C-Level Buy-In for Influencer Marketing

Moderated by Dudley Nevill Spencer

Spend on Influencer marketing is increasing year on year and the projected growth is significant. To date however, penetration and budget allocation as a channel in its own right has not been significant, apart from in a few specific Industries.

There is no doubt that the chanel can be highly effective and deliver strong ROI, so why don’t the C-Suite give it more time and budget – and how do you get them to buy-in?

In this panel we discuss these issues in depth, moving through accountability of budget, misunderstandings about the channel in general and talk to individuals who have managed to sell-in Influencer campaigns at the very highest levels – from CEOs to the Chair of Global companies.

The Industry is now no longer just focussed on lifestyle companies pushing image led “aspirational product”, but general consumer companies, professional services, utilities, Banks and Insurance companies, and with this comes a whole new level of scrutiny, reporting and …. Increased budget – so how do you get buy-in at this level – well that’s what we will answer.


How to Build an Organic Influencer Marketing Programme

Influencer Marketing is most often talked about in the context of paying influencers to promote a brand or product, usually on Instagram. But influencers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and brands can work with influencers in wide variety of ways beyond paid promotion. In his talk, Alistair will be foucsing on how to build an organic influencer programme from objective-setting, through to influencer identification, outreach and evaluation and how to employ elements of content marketing and employee advocacy in your strategy.


How to Execute and Optimise With Data

If you want to do influencer marketing right, you need to put a focus on data throughout all stages of the process. From strategy development and influencer identification to execution and optimisation, data can be, and should be, at the forefront of every decision.

Yes, transparency, authenticity and trust are critical to influencer marketing, but data-driven decisions will ultimately help achieve the KPI. In this session, Danielle shares some examples of how her team at Scrunch have executed and optimised influencer marketing campaigns with a data-driven approach.


How to Deliver Genuine Conversions at Scale

Influencers are not superheroes, rock stars or messiahs of the millennial world; they’re a strategic creative partner and a vital sales channel and brands need to start considering them in the same way as any other key media buy. This session will unpick the common misconceptions around influencer marketing performance, casting away the red cape and snapping the blue-tinted sunglasses in two.

Ricky Ray will explain six key strategies brands must adopt to ensure influencer marketing can deliver genuine conversions at scale.


Top Influencer Marketing Hacks 2018

Brands that are doing influencer marketing right keep winning market shares. But what does “doing influencer marketing right” actually mean? Tailify will share some of the most valuable findings from thousands of their campaigns. They will present the top influencer marketing hacks of 2018, that they recommend all brands to start doing today.


Influencer Marketing: A Global Disruption Driving Local Relevance

There's an age-old phrase that people hate advertising. I disagree. People don't hate advertising, they hate irrelevant advertising. Enter influencer marketing, an industry disruptor driving increased relevance, better creative, and better results.

Gone are the days of the global shoot and highly-produced TVCs, enter the age of real-time, mobile- and social-first communication--right where influencers thrive. Our shifting methods of communication have bred new and efficient solutions for brands, thereby disrupting content and creative production models. Now, brands are able to produce locally-relevant content on a global scale. The result is better creative, increased relevancy, and cost savings.

In this session, we'll discuss how brands have capitalized on our shifting communication and consumption methods by leveraging influencers on a global scale in order to resonate with their consumers in a better way.


Influencer Fireside Chat: How to Become a Collaborative Brand

Join Abigail Morrish, Chief Partnerships Officer at indaHash, and two of our top influencers as they answer some of influencer marketing's biggest questions. How do influencers like to work with brands on activations, sponsorships and other collaborations? How have they amassed their followings and what are their secrets to keeping them engaged? What lessons have they learned, both positive and negative, in working with brands and how do they see influencer marketing evolving? Topics to explore include how they like to do creative ideation, which brands have resonated the most with their communities, best practices on setting and communicating KPIs and what are the best non-monetary items brands can deliver to creators.


Lunch & Networking

Head to the KERB Food catering trucks outside on the terrace and relax under the new Yurt with views of Tower Bridge and the Shard or the new level three Meet and Eat zone for ample lunch options featuring the best of world cuisine.

Don't forget to stop by the Beer Garden sponsored by Webgains and the Prosecco Lounge sponsored by Impact.


Solving the $500 Million Influencer Fraud Problem

The rush to cash in on the promise of influencer marketing created a mounting problem of fraudulent activities and fake followers by so-called influencers. It now needs the industry's full focus to be solved. InfluencerDB CEO Robert Levenhagen speaks about how we got to this challenging situation and how the industry - and especially brands - can address the issue when working with influencers.


Not Just A Product Shot

Learn how ‘creative-first’ can be the driving force for campaigns, placing visuals at the heart of a brand’s message. We’ll be looking at the success of Oral B’s recent campaign, encouraging Millennials to think of electric toothbrushes as an essential item - sharing their message without the need for product focused content.


Artificial Intelligence's role in the Future of Influencer Marketing

Edward East will provide a bitesize introduction and live demo about the increasing importance of AI in marketing and more specifically Influencer Marketing. AI is increasing marketeers' power to spot trends, make more informed decision and develop far more effective marketing campaigns.


Content Crisis: How Your Customers Will Save Your Butt

Just a few years ago, in TV, radio, print and out of home, marketers could engage millions with a handful of visual assets. Yet survival in digital advertising requires countless variation. Brands are caught off guard and existing creative solutions fall short; Creative Agencies are set up for high quality, low volume production assets while Stock Image libraries deliver the very antithesis of personalization. So what’s the solution?

Join TRIBE Founder Jules Lund as he deep-dives into the fastest growing creative solution on the planet.


An Ultimate Influencer Marketing Tool

Today, influencer marketing automation is an obvious trend. But is it as convenient for brands and influencers as it seems? We'll try to unravel this statement in an interactive way.

Key points

— How automation impacts influencer marketing and what are the benefits both for brands and influencers. — What types of management automation exist in the market today. — What are the differences, strengths and weaknesses of each type? — How automated platforms might evolve in the nearest future (hypothesis). — What are the main requirements for the ‘Ultimate IM Management Tool’ on the customer side?


Brands with Pride

Pulsar will show which brands are sharing their love this year. A data visualisation of brands launching #PRIDE products this summer, with Glossybox and boohoo. Find out how to launch your campaign with social influence.


Influencer Marketing Without the Proper Checks & Transparency will Not Work.

Hear from Alex Frolov the CEO of HypeAuditor as he takes you all on a journey of how AI can be used to audit Instagram influencers.

For influencer marketing to work it has to be transparent, authentic and compliant. Join this session to learn from examples how HypeAuditor audits Instagram influencers in a quick, easy & efficient way.


A.I. for Marketing - Power Session

A.I. is no longer something reserved for extensively qualified data scientists. The world of marketing and growth has already begun to be influenced by machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the companies who want to stay ahead taking advantage of this new competitive advantage.

Growth Tribe has spent the last year teaching non-coders to use machine learning for marketing and growth. In this talk, we’ll test your skills, expose you to the real-life applications of A.I., as well as show you how you can learn to leverage it!


PINTEREST - Is it Search or is it Social?

A social platform different from all the rest, Pinterest has been vastly growing as one of the best social platforms for direct response. Learn how to approach your Pinterest strategy to best suit your business objectives, without compromising on valuable learnings.


Expo Hall Drinks

An opportunity to grab a beverage as exhibitors and sponsors open up their bars and network with peers at the show.


International Performance Marketing Awards

Join the industry's elite for a champagne reception and 3-course dinner and entertainment as we reveal the winners of this year's International Performance Marketing Awards held at the 5* Grange St Pauls Hotel.

Access to the awards is included for all VIP ticket holders.

Limited seats* and tables of 10 are available to purchase online at

*The dinner and awards ceremony is limited to 400 guests.


Official Party @ Cafe de Paris

Time to let your hair down at the official PI LIVE and Influencer Marketing Show Party, sponsored by ThoughtMix.

Located at the famous Cafe de Paris in London's West End. A complimentary bar awaits for delegates holding a Networking or VIP Pass or those lucky enough to secure a Golden Ticket from one of the party sponsors.

To reserve your own VIP table or to sponsor the official party contact

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